//Dirt Classic 5 Presents Increased Payout, Famed Format on Saturday, September 22nd

Dirt Classic 5 Presents Increased Payout, Famed Format on Saturday, September 22nd

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Over the past four years, the Dirt Classic has come to be known for its unique format that challenges racers and delights fans as well as its payout of $20,000 to the winner of the event as the largest non-sanctioned show in Pennsylvania. This year’s event at Lincoln Speedway, presented by Schmuck Lumber Company, will take things to a new level as the payout has been increased to $25,000 for the winner’s share!

As the event has grown, the payout has increased in a number of spots. Last year, the promoting team upped the winnings for the starting spots from $600 in 2014 to $700 in 2015 before jumping to $1,000 to start. This year, positions 19-24 will earn $1,500 for their efforts against this quality field of cars. Other positions, including second place, have seen increases over the years, too.

But, this year will see the first increase for the winner’s share since the event was established in 2014 with a boost of $5,000 to the Dirt Classic 5 champion.

“We wanted to offer a competitive purse from the beginning with the long-term goal of making it stouter through the field over time,” Promoter Jarrod Adams said. “Last year, Phil Durst had the idea of increasing the top number to $25,000 to win to really step the event up and he was right. We’re grateful to the Durst Family for being partners with the event and helping us to make both the purse and the racing action top-notch.”

The payout doesn’t just affect the drivers. The high purse attracts the most competitive drivers from across the country, which ups the competition level and the thrill of the action for the fans.

And the format is really what brings that to life for those in the grandstands.

The Dirt Classic format is unique to the event, and rewards drivers that can both qualify well and pass race cars. It employs a points system that values both time trials and two sets of heat races – one lined up by time trial results on an invert and one lined straight-up. The points tallied from these activities set the lineup for the A-Main.

The fastest qualifier will earn 100 points for their efforts, with points dropping by 2 points per position. The field will be divided into one round heat races lined straight up by time trial results, and then that lineup will be flipped for a second round of inverted heat races. The winner of the first round of heats will earn 100 points, dropping by 5 points per position and the second round winner will earn 200 points for the top position, dropping by 5 points per spot.

The total points will line up the top 20 positions of the A-Main, and set the lineup for the B and C mains to give drivers one last chance to race their way into the Dirt Classic 5.

This format has become one of the event’s signature attributes, giving the fans a lot of action on the race track while balancing the number of competitive laps on a team’s equipment for the payout.

About The Dirt Classic:

Investing in the future of sprint car racing, The Dirt Classic presents marquee sprint car events with high payouts and an emphasis on innovative marketing and crowd-pleasing competition. The fifth annual $25,000-to-win Dirt Classic Pennsylvania will be held on Saturday, September 22nd at Lincoln Speedway in Abbottstown, PA and boasts the largest single-race payout in the track’s legendary history. The race was won by Steve Smith in 2014 and 2016, Brian Montieth in 2015 and Lance Dewease in 2017.

Please contact Jarrod Adams at (704) 996-4243 or race@dirtclassic.com for more information on media or marketing partnerships.

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