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Dietrich Earns $7,000 Golden Ticket to Dirt Classic in Second Qualifier Victory

Abbottstown, PA (June 7, 2015): Although Danny Dietrich was the winner of the first Dirt Classic Qualifier event in 2014 at Roaring Knob Motorsports Complex, the experience didn’t give the driver much of an advantage on Saturday night at Lincoln Speedway. This year’s Qualifier event utilized a different venue, a unique points-based format, and higher payout.

That didn’t slow Dietrich down, though, from earning his second win of the year at Lincoln Speedway. The 27-year-old hot shoe was quick from the beginning, qualifying third of 32 drivers and earning him 196 of 200 points. With a pill draw that determined both qualifying order (straight up) and heat race starting spot (inverted), Dietrich’s #25 pill put him on the outside pole of the fourth heat. His heat race win over Brian Montieth earned him a perfect 200 points, giving him a total of 396 – enough to put him in the top-six redraw. Dietrich drew the #3 pill, placing him on the inside of the second row for the 35-lap feature event.

Kyle Moody jumped into the early lead of the feature from the pole position over Aaron Ott, who started second, but a spinning Brent Marks drew a caution flag – and a 360 spin from the leader, who was able to keep going – on lap 5. By lap 13, Dietrich had passed Ott and run down Moody for the lead, throwing a slide job that was returned by Moody a lap later.

But another caution on lap 15 would again give Dietrich the advantage, as a spinning Moody collided with a spinning Tim Glatfelter in turn one. After the restart Stevie Smith was able to advance into second position over Ott on lap 22, but even in lapped traffic was unable to catch Dietrich, who won by nearly two seconds over the 2014 Dirt Classic winner. Ott held on for third over Brian Montieth, who advanced from tenth, and Lucas Wolfe.

Wolfe was one of a few drivers with a night to remember, setting a quick time of 12.719 to break Lance Dewease’s former track record of 12.730, set in 1999. Wolfe’s lap is now the fastest sprint car lap of all time at Lincoln Speedway.

Marks also had a special night, earning an extra $400 by winning the first ever Dirt Classic Fans’ Choice Race. Marks led the entire 5-lap dash after earning the pole position with the most fan votes over Montieth, Dewease and Glendon Forsythe.

NASCAR start Kasey Kahne was on hand to enjoy the festivities and visited victory lane to both congratulate Dietrich and pull the winning 50/50 number. The proceeds of the 50/50 raffle, along with a portion of the event proceeds, were donated to the Kasey Kahne Foundation.

Having a Golden Ticket to September’s Dirt Classic main event ensures that Dietrich will have a shot at the $20,000 paycheck. Will he be able to take down a lineup expected to be as formidable as last year’s 54-car field?

There’s only one way to find out: tune in to The Dirt Classic at Lincoln Speedway on Saturday, September 26th.

The full results of the Qualifier at Lincoln Speedway on Saturday, June 6th are as follows: 1. DANNY DIETRICH ($7,000), 2. Stevie Smith ($3,000), 3. Aaron Ott ($2,000), 4. Brian Montieth ($1,500), 5. Lucas Wolfe ($1,400), 6. Greg Hodnett ($1,300), 7. Alan Krimes ($1,200), 8. Niki Young ($1,100), 9. Lance Dewease ($1,050), 10. Freddie Rahmer ($1,000), 11. Billy Dietrich ($800), 12. Cory Haas ($700), 13. Jimmy Siegel ($600), 14. Austin Hogue ($500), 15. Chase Dietz ($450), 16. Steve Owings ($400), 17. Brandon Rahmer ($400), 18. Gerard McIntyre ($400), 19. Brent Marks ($400), 20. Adam Wilt ($400), 21. Robbie Kendall ($400), 22. Kyle Moody ($400), 23. Tim Glatfelter ($400), 24. JJ Grasso ($400).


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