//Durst Inc. Partners with Dirt Classic To Boost Purse, Give Back to Sprint Car Racing

Durst Inc. Partners with Dirt Classic To Boost Purse, Give Back to Sprint Car Racing

(DirtyMouth Communications) – There are many people and companies that partner with the Dirt Classic Presented by Schmuck Lumber Company, and Durst Inc. has been one of those supporters since early in the brand’s history.

In fact, Phil Durst has known promoter Jarrod Adams and his wife Shanon for more than 20 years through their shared love of sprint car racing. As a car owner, Durst has fielded cars with Hall of Fame drivers like Jack Hewitt, Doug Wolfgang, Mark Kinser and Kasey Kahne, who presented the inaugural Dirt Classic.

“We were doing some promoting in the midwest,” Durst said. “And we just decided if we get involved with Jarrod and Shanon on the Dirt Classic events it would be a better deal for all of us.”

Durst was integral to both bringing the Dirt Classic outside of Pennsylvania to Nebraska’s I-80 Speedway in 2016 where he had previously sponsored and promoted racers. Now, he’s helping the Dirt Classic 5 boost its overall purse, including increasing the winner’s share from $20,000 to $25,000.

“We need to get bigger events to get more cars, and to get more enthusiasm to attend an event and a higher purse does that,” Durst said. “People don’t understand but promoters give so much back to the racers. They have a facility that the racers need to race at and then they provide the purse, which has got to be fair because it costs so much to run anymore.

It’s a different perspective to be involved in the promoting versus being a car owner or a sponsor. We’re just an independent deal like the drivers and owners are, so we can make those decisions to give back to the sport we enjoy so much.”

Being an independent brand means the Dirt Classic promoting team can dictate not only the payout, but also the format of the event which Durst believes is what makes the Dirt Classic a standout event.

“The format is a good deal for the racers and the fans, “ Durst said. “From the fan perspective, there’s more cars on the track and it speeds up the program. With the way the points are set, you can have a bad heat race and you can make it up in the other one. You usually don’t get that opportunity as a racer anywhere else.”

In addition to partnering with the Dirt Classic over the years, the Dursts have supported Lincoln Speedway through one of his businesses, Lincoln Auto Auction.

“We just love Lincoln Speedway and Alan and Sherry [Kreitzer], “Durst said. “We really believe in what they’re doing here with Jarrod and Shanon and the Dirt Classic brand so we wanted to support that.”

About The Dirt Classic:

Investing in the future of sprint car racing, The Dirt Classic presents marquee sprint car events with high payouts and an emphasis on innovative marketing and crowd-pleasing competition. The fifth annual $25,000-to-win Dirt Classic Pennsylvania will be held on Saturday, September 22nd at Lincoln Speedway in Abbottstown, PA and boasts the largest single-race payout in the track’s legendary history. The race was won by Steve Smith in 2014 and 2016, Brian Montieth in 2015 and Lance Dewease in 2017.

Please contact Jarrod Adams at (704) 996-4243 or race@dirtclassic.com for more information on media or marketing partnerships.

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