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Indy Race Parts and Tom Buch Team Up to Bring Jac Haudenschild to The Dirt Classic

For Tom Buch and Bernie Stuebgen, owner of Indy Race Parts, racing is more than just having fun: it’s a business. That’s why the co-owners of the #13 team have decided to make a run at the $20,000 Dirt Classic paycheck with veteran driver Jac Haudenschild.

“We’re not going out there every weekend just to run and lose money,” Buch said. “I’m not saying we make a bunch of money doing it, but we don’t spend as much as a lot of people. That’s one of the reasons the Dirt Classic draws our attention – because we have a chance to go make some money there.”
After getting the itch to get back into the sport again after selling his team two years ago following Jason Leffler’s fatal accident, Buch called Stuebgen when a good motor became available. Although this partnership with Stuebgen is only a few months old, Buch and the Indianapolis-based Stuebgen had raced together before.
“I asked him if I bought the motor would he want to put a team together,” Buch said. “We had been partners before in 2010 with Paul McMahan driving for us and then we both went and did our own thing for a few years. We decided to do something again. We basically just run the big money shows. We went to Knoxville and raced the Nationals with Jac. We decided to put together a schedule for the rest of this year and the Dirt Classic was one of those big money shows.”
Making scheduling decisions isn’t always easy, with the team based out of the Indy Race Parts shop in Indianapolis. But the owners couldn’t resist returning to Pennsylvania – Buch’s backyard – for the Dirt Classic.
“Lincoln’s an hour away from my house and home shop,” Buch said. “Right now we keep everything in Indy but it’s an hour away from me where I live. I like when we bring everything in here and run some of the local stuff.”
Plus, giving back to the sport that drives their passion is a nice bonus.
“We both appreciate everything Kasey does for the sport, and also Kyle Larson and Tony [Stewart],” Buch said. “They give so much and it’s the least we can do to help these kinds of shows and get somebody there that’s a driver like Jac. Hopefully that’s going to draw some people and help make it a bigger event for them.”
With Buch’s history at Lincoln Speedway, having started his career there with Cliff Brian, Jr., does he think they have an advantage over other outside teams?
“Lincoln’s one of those tracks where it seems like the outsiders always struggle,” Buch said. “I’m not going to say we have any advantage because of that. I do think we have an advantage as far as having a great driver with Jac. We have a great setup guy with Bernie. I’d put him up against anyone else as far as getting the cars figured out. And we have a great engine with HP Engines, who is our local engine builder here in Thompsontown..”
Buch credits his partnership with Bernie Stuebgen at Indy Race Parts, along with DKW Transport, HP Engines and Maxim Chassis for making this team come to life this year.
“We’re always trying to get better,” Buch said. “The opportunity was right with Bernie. We fly up to Indy and build a race car out of his race shop at Indy Race Parts. That helps a lot. I couldn’t do it without these guys.” 
The Dirt Classic will be held on Saturday, September 26, 2015 at Lincoln Speedway in Abbottstown, PA. Danny Dietrich was the winner of the $7,000 Golden Ticket on Saturday, June 6th at Lincoln Speedway, securing the only guaranteed starting spot in the $20,000-to-win race, which boasts the highest payout of any unsanctioned sprint car race in Pennsylvania.

Advanced tickets are now available for purchase at DirtClassic.com. In addition to saving $5.00 by purchasing advanced tickets, The Dirt Classic is offering fee-free order processing on General Admission ticket purchases in 2015.

Lap sponsorship is also available at $50 per lap. Lap sponsors will be recognized on the Partners page at DirtClassic.com and will be announced during the event. To sponsor a lap, please email race@dirtclassic.com.
About The Dirt Classic:

The Dirt Classic is a marquee 410 sprint car event held annually in Central Pennsylvania. The second annual $20,000-to-win race, held on Saturday, September 26th at Lincoln Speedway in Abbottstown, PA, boasts the largest single-race payout in the track’s legendary history. The race was won by Steve Smith in 2014.

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For more information about the event, visit www.DirtClassic.com, follow along on Twitter at twitter.com/DirtClassic and Facebook atwww.facebook.com/TheDirtClassic.

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